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Electric Scooters User's Guide

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The law says:

1) On the sidewalk, ride no faster than the walking speed (6km/h)

2) On the street, respect the same rules as cyclists

3) In all circumstances, do not exceed 25km/h

The MiMoC will advise you:

4) Practice in a safe area and with people who can teach you before you go on the street

5) Always give way to pedestrians and other sidewalk users. Try to avoid pavements!

6) Pay attention to the blind spots of cars and trucks, stay visible with lights and reflective clothing.

7) Wear a helmet and protective equipment

8) Drive slowly, stay alert and reduce the risk of accidents

9) Check your insurance policy if you are covered

10) 10 dangerous situations you should avoid while riding:

  • using a phone;

  • consuming alcohol or drugs;

  • more than 1 person;

  • tram tracks;

  • potholes;

  • earphones;

  • short braking distance;

  • unpredictable behaviors;

  • slippery surface (wet bluestone);

  • ride too close to parked cars (sudden opening of car doors)

See the additional tips from Brussels Mobility here

MiMoC Team